Sharing and Engaging Part 2

Woh Hup Annual Civil WSHE Campaign 2019

We shared in an earlier update on how we are using the mobile application KNOW to engage our fellow workers and colleagues with different genres of contents from training to vital information and entertainment. As an extension of this engagement, we also use SWIPE WIFI to share snippets of information with our migrant colleagues staying…

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Sharing and Engaging Part 1

Woh Hup workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our industry in so many ways unimaginable. 2020 will go down in history as a year where construction work was ceased across the nation in a bid to contain the spread of an insidious, faceless enemy. Our workforce that is so used to being out and about, clocking hours at…

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Have No Fear

positive mind positive vibes poster

The number of COVID-19 positive cases among migrant workers continues to rise sharply and more so after Government agencies stepped in to conduct vigorous testing. In a concentrated and densely populated environment, migrant workers are plagued with fear and anxiety as they watch their room and dorm mates return with positive results. The questions of…

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We Care

we care image

Our foreign employees on S-Passes and Work Permits have been placed on Stay Home Notice (SHN) in accordance with the Government’s directives since 20 April 2020, and many of whom are migrant workers staying in our self-managed and external dormitories. We have, under the guidance of our Crisis Management Committee, put in place a number…

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