Group Structure

An overview of the companies under Woh Hup Group.

Woh Hup Holdings Private Limited


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Woh Hup (Private) Limited

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Woh Hup International Pte Ltd

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Woh Hup Myanmar Limited

woh hip building solutions myanmar limited logo

WH Building Solutions Myanmar Limited

woh hup indonesia logo

Woh Hup Indonesia

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Pura Cipta Utama Indonesia

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L&W Construction Private Limited

Joint Ventures
  • Lee Kim Tah - Woh Hup Pte Ltd JV

  • Woh Hup – Obayashi Singapore JV

  • Woh Hup – Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co (Singapore) JV

  • Woh Hup - Dongah Singapore JV

  • Mod Prefab Private Limited

  • Acset - Woh Hup JO


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  • Tanglin Corporation Pte Ltd

  • Aurum Group

    • Aurum Land (Private) Limited
    • Core Collective
    • Found8

  • WH Precast Sdn Bhd

    • Aurum Precast Sdn Bhd

  • Wang Kok Sewerage Construction Pte Ltd

Investment & Overseas Development

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  • Aurum Investments Pte Ltd

  • Helmwall Holdings Limited

  • PAL Properties Limited

  • Lee Kim Tah – Woh Hup Jersey Limited

  • Woh Hup Australia Pty Limited

  • Syntech Properties, Inc

  • Star Land Realty UK Ltd

  • Paideia Capital Pte Ltd

Associated Companies

  • Venturer Pte Ltd

  • Singapore Lift Company Pte Ltd

  • Delphi Pte Ltd