Sharing and Engaging Part 2

Woh Hup Annual Civil WSHE Campaign 2019

We shared in an earlier update on how we are using the mobile application KNOW to engage our fellow workers and colleagues with different genres of contents from training to vital information and entertainment.

As an extension of this engagement, we also use SWIPE WIFI to share snippets of information with our migrant colleagues staying in our self-managed dormitories. Through the use of SWIPE WIFI, we are able to share simple information and entertainment with them when they login to use wifi on a daily basis.

We have shared, amongst other things, fun activities that they can participate in, online games that will help to lessen the boredom they may face, exercise demonstrations that enable them to keep healthy during this Circuit Breaker period where they are unable to move around much.

More importantly, we also use SWIPE WIFI to reiterate the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene and safe distancing. We continue to roll out series of such messaging in English and their native languages regularly so that as we ease out of Circuit Breaker and prepare ourselves to resume work, our workforce will continue to practice these good habits and do their part to keep our workplace clean, safe and healthy for all.

Other Covid Responses