People are our greatest asset and we are committed to harness their power to help them grow and thrive. 

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Adrian OngEngineering Department since January 2006
Adrian Ong

Pride and a strong sense of belonging. This is how I feel working in Woh Hup and this is also why I have stayed with the company for more than a decade.

Being a part of Singapore’s leading builder gave me the chance to work on iconic projects like Altez, the tallest residential building at the time of construction. The 62-storey tall property that I oversaw also won a BCA Construction Excellence Award in 2016.

All projects come with different extents of complexity and we are able to better tackle this because Woh Hup believes in investing in technology and innovation. I have personally learned a lot from the senior management and am ready to pass on my knowledge to groom the next pool of talents.

Ang Kooi FungTechnical Department since July 2010
Ang Kooi Fung

I have come a long way since I first joined Woh Hup to be part of a Building Information Modelling (BIM) team that comprised of only myself and another colleague.

Today, our BIM team has led the company to be recognized as one of the leading players in this aspect. I am utterly proud of this accomplishment; it has been an incredibly tough and challenging journey but a beautiful one. And this is made so by the cohesiveness of our team and the strong support from the bosses.

My growth however does not stop here, there are still plenty of opportunities for me to continue to learn and grow as well as to mentor our next generation of successors.

Carlyn YeoTender Department since May 2005
Carlyn Yeo

Woh Hup is my 2nd home, this is what I tell my friends whenever I am asked on how is it possible for me to stay in the same company for so long.

The tender team works very closely together especially during key periods, we often have to work late and spend many hours together. Whenever we secure projects, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. It is like a pat on my back for the job well done.

We have a strong bond not just among our team but with the senior Management too who are very open and understanding. If I am asked if I would stay with the company for many decades, I probably would not hesitate.

Chen Han QiEngineering Department since October 2005
Chen Han Qi

I am proud to be the first and only female project manager in Woh Hup and am truly grateful to be able to learn and grow in a company that offers equal opportunities to everyone without any prejudice or discrimination.

Since my entry into Woh Hup, I have worked with superiors who were encouraging, and their guidance has spurred me on. In my 17 years here, I have been given the opportunities to work on large scale projects in Singapore and even Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

This exposure enabled me to acquire new skills and form a deeper understanding of this complex industry. The senior management’s astute leadership and great camaraderie among colleagues have provided me with many learning experiences filled with fond memories.

Roy ChiaEngineering Department since July 2004
Roy Chia

I joined Woh Hup since I graduated from NUS. It has been 18 years and I have never looked back. This is the place where I grew, learnt and now sharing my skills and expertise with my teams.

The working environment is very tough, but I enjoy the challenges and I get an irreplaceable sense of satisfaction whenever I overcome them.

I am grateful for the trust and empowerment that the senior Management has given to me to lead and manage complex projects, and their support when I make major decisions. I have learnt so much from them and I am glad to be supporting my teams the way they have supported me.

Selvamani MurugappanQA/QC Department since October 2003
Selvamani Muragapan

Being part of the Woh Hup family means a lot to me; the company has given me great opportunities to discover my potential.

There are many special moments for me such as completed projects receive high BCA CONQUAS scoring for quality or when QC improvement proposal is accepted and implemented company-wide and finally when our QAQC system is set up and adopted by all subsidiaries hence ensuring good quality delivery.

The senior Management’s openness to listen to our ideas and proposal have made it possible for us to break through with new concepts to improve our processes.

I am thankful for the proper guidance from the seniors and am excited to share the same principles and guidance with my junior peers.

Zulkarnain Bin SapiheSafety Department since July 2010
Zulkarnain bin Sapihe

I oversee a very important aspect for projects within the company’s current portfolio – safety. Keeping staff and workers safe at work is not just a job to me but a responsibility I whole-heartedly accept. I have a great sense of achievement when the projects I am involved in complete with all stakeholders safe.

I have learnt that there will always be room for career growth if you are willing to do your best. Constant support and appreciation from the bosses motivate me to give it my all and perform well daily.

I am happy to call Woh Hup my second family and know that I can rely on each and every one of us to pull together whenever required.