From design concept stage, our dedicated team of professional engineers engages closely with clients on how to utilize resources optimally to meet project objectives.


From design concept stage, our dedicated team of professional engineers with varied technical skills, are fully engaged to collaborate with our clients and consultants to optimise design and construction methods.

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Choice of technology and the definition of work tasks, to an estimation of required resources and task durations, our highly skilled planners possess the logistical expertise to ensure engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions are delivered with maximum efficiency and on-time reliability.

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Engineering Design Management

The design process includes:

  • Identifying needs and challenges
  • Exploring solutions through in-depth research and analysis
  • Determining budgets
  • Assessing material and equipment requirements
  • Setting task time frames
  • The support of engineering programmes to enhance the synergy of activities and ensure timely project delivery
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Our procurement team is exceptionally experienced in developing effective supply chains that add value and minimise waste. In their competent hands, every critical detail is well executed, including:

  • Development of procurement schedules for all materials, equipment and outsourced subcontract services
  • Meticulous evaluation of each supplier/subcontractor’s ability to comply with both project specifications and schedule demands
  • Coordination of vendor inspections and the release of materials in conjunction with the Site Construction Manager


At Woh Hup, we believe that our people are our most valuable assets. That’s why we invest in relevant training, both in-house and external, to reinforce the skills and competency of our workforce.

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Safety and Environmental Policy

Our uncompromising commitment to maintaining high safety standards and minimising environmental risks is exemplified by our achievement of the OHSAS 18001 certification for our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System, and BOWEC ISO 14001certification. We employ:

  • A concentric management approach to OHS, where every participant in the project bears responsibility for its effective implementation;
  • Safety training to equip our employees at all levels with the knowledge, skills and attitude to achieve high safety standards;
  • Regular preventive maintenance of equipment and machinery to minimise environmental pollution and wastage of natural resources and materials;
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Quality Assurance

Complying with ISO 9001:2000 standards, the quality system we adopt across every aspect of our business activities was the first quality system to be certified in Singapore for building and civil engineering contracting. Its effectiveness is evaluated by an independent team of qualified professionals within Woh Hup, and has given rise to a strong quality culture within our workforce. Our construction teams are trained to meet the stringent quality control guidelines of Quality Mark and CONQUAS 21, with numerous completed projects consistently featured in the top 10 CONQUAS (Private Residential) category.

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Partnership approach

We value the input of all project participants – architects, consultants, owners, representatives – and foster a spirit of partnership between all parties to ensure project execution achieves the desired quality with optimal efficiency.

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Research and Development

Innovation is a driving force in our business. As such, we work closely with local and international universities and research organisations on projects that can translate into improvements in the construction process. Recent projects include an examination of the effects of moisture on marble tiles, and the development of productivity measurement and forecasting software.

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Maximising the security of our construction sites is always a priority. Protection against pilferage is provided through perimeter fencing, and round the clock supervision of personnel and vehicle movement, materials conveyance and storage by a dedicated security team.

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We provide relevant training and learning opportunities to our people to help them not only in their course of work but skills that will allow them to excel in their personal lives too. In May 2006, we successfully obtained People Developer certification – a mark of distinction reflecting our dedication to developing our staff to their full potential to meet the challenges of an ever-changing business environment.


Our expertise in the industry is not achieved overnight. We honed our skills through the projects that we undertook over the years and with a strong team who are always willing to share their knowledge with their teams.

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Civil Engineering

Over the years, we have undertaken a diverse range of civil projects in the region, from deep tunneling sewage system and river protection to airport runways, offshore jetties and MRT lines, strengthening our reputation for undertaking unusual projects that involve new and innovative solutions. These include key projects such as the Wayang Satu Flyover, Changi Tunnel – Deep Tunnel Sewerage System as well as stations and tunnels of the MRT Circle Line. In an industry where results often speak for themselves, Woh Hup has proven its ability to competently execute mega-sized, often technically challenging projects.

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Building Works

With over 90 years of experience as a leading construction and civil engineering specialist in the building industry, Woh Hup has left a legacy of landmarks and buildings which many are still standing today. These include the MacDonald House, Centrepoint, World Trade Centre (now Harbourfront Centre), Clifford Pier (now The Fullerton Bay Hotel) and more. Many of these buildings were preserved for posterity and converted to new uses, others upgraded and given a new lease of life that will allow for them to continue being part of Singapore landscape. From buildings with significant historical values, Woh Hup has moved rapidly forward over the years with technology advancements and involved ourselves wholeheartedly in building state-of-the-art landmarks and buildings. Some of our most recent projects include government project such as Gardens by the Bay – Conservatory Complex and luxury residences such as Marina Bay Suites, Reflections at Keppel Bay and The Interlace.