Have No Fear

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The number of COVID-19 positive cases among migrant workers continues to rise sharply and more so after Government agencies stepped in to conduct vigorous testing. In a concentrated and densely populated environment, migrant workers are plagued with fear and anxiety as they watch their room and dorm mates return with positive results.

The questions of “Am I going to be next?”, “What will happen to me?” loom in the minds of migrant workers who shared the same room with positive cases or are waiting for test results.  

As we continue to reach out to our migrant workers who have tested positive, we also took the chance to interview a few of them on their status and how they are coping. With these, a video was put together and shared with our migrant workers in hope of alleviating their worry and fear about positive results; they are taken care of and will recover in time. More importantly, the Woh Hup family will sail through this storm together.

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