Sharing and Engaging Part 1

Woh Hup workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our industry in so many ways unimaginable. 2020 will go down in history as a year where construction work was ceased across the nation in a bid to contain the spread of an insidious, faceless enemy.

Our workforce that is so used to being out and about, clocking hours at work in the various project sites has been confined to their living quarters during this Circuit Breaker period. As part of our own efforts to contain the spread within our self-managed dormitories where many of our fellow workers and colleagues are housed, we had to schedule staggered periods for them to use common areas such as bathrooms.

Inevitably, boredom has quickly turned into minor frustration and anxiety. We understand the critical need to continue engaging them and to do so through the use of technology as they are spending a substantial amount of time on their mobile devices.

Through the KNOW mobile application, we rolled out series of contents for our workforce including videos to keep them informed of the Management’s directions during this Circuit Breaker period. We also included messages from various government agencies, short internal training sessions that they can learn and use to refresh their skills plus some fun simple challenges for entertainment.

As we slowly ease out of this Circuit Breaker period, the KNOW mobile application will remain a constant communication tool for us to share knowledge and engage our workforce.

Other Covid Responses