Corporate Structure

Under the leadership of our key figures, Woh Hup has been building excellence consistently.

Board of Directors

KY 2020 LR cropped
Yong Tiam Yoon Kim
NY 2020 cropped
Yong Hsin Yi Neil
Deputy Chairman
YKY Suit Photo
Yong Kon Yoon Eugene
Executive Director
YDR 2021-3 cropped
Yong De-Rhong
Executive Director
NSK 2020
Ngiam Siew Kim
Executive Director (Contracts)
Yvonne Niap 2021-1
Yvonne Niap
Executive Director / Chief Financial Officer

Senior Management

YJR 2021-2
Yong Jian Rong
Chief Operating Officer
Roy Chia 2023.1
Roy Chia
Chief Operating Officer
Guna 2020
Govindavelalar Gunasekaran
Senior Project Director
NYH 2021-2
Ng Yew Hung
Senior Project Director
Tan Beng Chwee cropped
Tan Beng Chwee
Senior Director (M&E)
Tan Hock Kim 2
Tan Hock Kim
Senior Director (M&E)
Cong Zhengxia 2021-1
Cong Zheng Xia
Senior Director (Engineering - Building)
Wong YC 2021-1
Wong Yee Chong
Senior Director (Contracts)
TLW 2021-2
Tang Lee Woon
Senior Director (Civil)
ACH 2023.4
Ang Chow Hwee
Director of Architecture
CO 2023.2
Collin Ong
Director of HR
Choon Yen 2023 Aug -10
Lau Choon Yen
Director of HR
Crawford Ang 2023.2
Crawford Ang
Director of WSHE
Muru (2)
Selvamani Murugappan
Director of QA/QC