WSHE Campaign / Workers Day 2015

2015 Workers Day

The message for 2015’s National Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Campaign is “I can prevent all injuries and be healthy at work”. To drive the message across all staff and workers, Woh Hup held its annual WSHE Campaign on 02nd October 2015 at Keppel Island Plaza.

This year, Woh Hup combined the annual WSHE campaign and bi-annual Workers Day into a full day event. A crowd of over 1400 workers, 60 guests and 20 management staff were present for the WSHE Campaign / Workers Day 2015.

Upon arrival, an array of activity booths greeted the workers. In addition to the activities specially selected by Woh Hup’s safety committee to educate workers on the importance of safety equipment, National Environment Agency and Workplace Safety and Health Council had booths to promote workplace safety.

Executive Director, Mr Yong Mee Him, addressed the crowd and commended the safety team for garnering 17 WSH Sharp awards and 21 international RoSpa awards. Mr Don Wilson Paua, WSHE Manager, then led the audience with the recital of the Safety Pledge to show our commitment to safety.

Before guests and staff proceed to the function room for lunch, an awards presentation segment were put in place to recognize the outstanding ef forts of various project teams and our safety officers who won the WSH Sharp Awards and RoSPA awards in 2015. To encourage workers to observe safety procedures at workplace, awards were presented to the more safety conscious supervisors and workers from each project.

The second instalment of our bi-annual Workers Day celebration began after everybody had their tummy filled. The theme for this year is – diversity. In the construction workplace, we are able to find various cultures of our society. We hope to inculcate mutual respect among all of us with different culture, background and upbringing.

To give them a head start on understanding each other, we brought in snacks of different nationalities for all to try and also the popular sports activities of Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, China and Thailand. Workers had the opportunity to have a go at sports such as Soccer, Table Tennis, Sepak Takraw and Cricket.

For workers who were not participating in the activities, they were treated to a range of exciting performances and fun onstage games catered specially for them.

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