Woh Hup brings safety to a whole new level

Woh Hup Safety Awards 2015

Woh Hup is proud to be the recipient of 48 Safety Awards in 2015, the highest number won in the history of Woh Hup:

  • 17 Safety and Health Recognition Awards for Projects(including 1 joint venture project)
  • 1 WSH Award for Supervisors
  • 1 SCAL WSH Innovation Convention Award (Silver)
  • 1 SCAL WSH Innovation Convention Award (Bronze)
  • 1 RoSPA Winner of the Housebuilding & Property Development Sector
  • 1 RoSPA Occupational Safety Awards (Gold Medal)
  • 19 RoSPA Occupational Safety Awards (Gold)
  • 7 RoSPA Guardian Angel Awards

Woh Hup would like to express appreciation to our Partners, namely Developers, Consultants and Subcontractors for their support. We would also like to thank and commend our Staff and Workers for their efforts in making these achievements possible.

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