WH-SIT Construction Technology Innovation Laboratory

WH-SIT Construction Technology Innovation Laboratory group photo

We pride ourselves as one of the forerunners in the built environment industry to introduce and adopt innovative construction technologies in the projects that we take on and are often exploring opportunities to develop new construction solutions.

We have over the years worked with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) on a number of research projects, and in December 2020 we signed a Collaboration Agreement with SIT to fund and establish the Construction Technology Innovation Laboratory (CTIL) to take this partnership further.

The key objectives to establish CTIL are to:

  1. Promote technology innovation and collaboration among construction related companies/partners;
  2. Develop innovative and disruptive construction technologies;
  3. Translate and adopt disruptive technologies from laboratories to construction sites; and
  4. Upskill construction professionals in specialist knowledge and skills.

The set-up of CTIL will serve as a centre of excellence to drive innovative technology and upskilling professionals for the civil engineering sector, and there are 3 research projects currently underway since CTIL’s establishment.

We are excited and look forward to transforming the future of the built environment industry with educational and technological advancements through CTIL.

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