2022 Long Service Award

291022 Woh Hup Long Service Award 2022 854

29 October 2022, we held our Long Service Award ceremony at Shangri-la Hotel. 325 long service
staff were recognized and celebrated on that day. We celebrated the 60 staff that had served over 20 years with us, as well as the 256 colleagues who were being recognized for more than 10 years of service.

The day was also to celebrate the 106 long service staff who started out in Woh Hup as workers and have since been promoted into staff. These were workers who had been with the company for more than 10 years. The celebration reminded us of the progress we have made as a company, and the long journey that our colleagues have taken with us.

Construction is not an easy industry to be in and the value of their hard work, as well as the commitment
they have shown to Woh Hup is priceless. The ceremony itself is a sign of Woh Hup’s continuing success and growth, as well as our continued achievement of creating a work environment that staff want to work in. We are thankful to our dedicated colleagues who have served with us for so long, and would like them to find similar success.

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