Community Involvement

Charity involvement:

Volunteering: Woh Hup encourages our employees to take up charity work locally and overseas. In 2014, 270 Woh Hup employees contributed 3950 volunteer hours.

Project Completion Charity Dinners: donation drive targeted at Woh Hup's subcontractors, clients and consultants to raise funds for a chosen charity of choice. Four charity dinners and one charity golf were conducted in 2014-2015.

They include:

  1. Suites at Orchard / RV Residences. Raised $133,300 for Singapore Disability Sports Council.
  2. Lakefront Residences. Raised $55,000 for Club Rainbow Singapore.
  3. Altez. Raised $58,000 for Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly.
  4. Skysuites @Anson. Raised $40,700 for Waterways Watch Society.
  5. d’leedon Charity Golf. Raised $176,800 for the Riding for the Disabled Association of Singapore.

Charity Luncheons for the Ages: conducts biannual charity lunches for the elderly in June and December every year since 2014. In 2015 alone, 55 volunteers served 700 old folks in 16 homes.

Teambuilding in the Philippines: partnered with The Chain Reaction Project to build 30 homes in three years in a Manila village with 680 employee volunteers. For more information, please visit The Chain Reaction Project

Charity Sports Events: supports charity sporting events including Singapore Cancer Society’s Race against Cancer, Touch Community Services Run and Raisin, POSB’s Passion Run for Kids and Habitat for Humanity’s Bare your Sole walk.

Green & Gracious:

Recipient of the BCA Green & Gracious Builder Star Award for builders who contribute to environmental sustainability and protection.

Our company wide ‘GreenPrint’ initiative also provides a blueprint for building an environmentally conscious culture. This initiative includes three main areas:

  1. Setting measurable performance objectives in line with the BCA Green and Gracious Builder guide to promote sustainable environmental protection and gracious practices
  2. Minimising pollution, resource waste, and healthy and safety hazards
  3. Communicating our environmental policies to all employees, subcontractors and suppliers to promote a shared green commitment
Woh Hup Trust

In 2011, Woh Hup Trust was formed with the mission to provide financial support for social integration of the elderly and under-privileged children in our society. The Trust, supported by funding from Woh Hup (Private) Limited, continued with the disbursement of funds for the third year running.

For the year 2014, a total of $220,000 was disbursed to the following four Charities:

  1. APEX Harmony Lodge
  2. Senior Citizens' Home
  3. Geylang East Home for the Aged
  4. RSVP Singapore.

For more information about the Trust, please visit Woh Hup Trust


Scholarships / Bursaries:

1977 - established the Woh Hup Bursary at the National University of Singapore (NUS) providing financial support to 54 less-fortunate students to date

2007 - set up the Woh Hup Scholarship with NUS (School of Design and Environment) providing career development support into the construction industry.


2011 - introduced Woh Hup Endowed Scholarship with NUS (School of Design and Environment) and NTU (School of Civil Engineering).

2012 - sponsored 4 diploma with the inaugural BCA Diploma Scholarship Programme.

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